How It Work

Step 1

Choose your model, get evaluate price

Step 01 * Click image enlage

User selects the brand and model of the phone that needs to be sell on the “sell your phone” page, according to the actual conditions of the phone, truthfully check the function status, and you will get the real-time evaluate min buy back price.

Please bear in mind, the valuation is only a estimate min buy back price for under phone is in good conditions. You should ensure that the phone parameter information you have filled in is accurate, true and effective. In order to avoid affecting the starting bid price due to incorrect information.

Step 2

Confirm order, we come to your place pick up

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Sign up an account, fill in the personal information, then you can choose “Cash Deal” or “ Go to Auction” . Once you submit your order, we will according your booking appointment, arrange our collector come to your doorstep to pick up your phone.

Step 3

Professional technician checking

Step 03 * Click image enlage

After receiving the phone, LaLaSell’s technician will check and diagnostic according to the phone parameters you have selected before. If the phone parameters you choose do not match the actual phone, negotiate with you to confirm the final valuation price according to the actual conditions of the phone;

LaLaSell promises to complete the inspection within 24 hours of receiving the phone and we also promises to adopt a standard quality inspection process for each phone.

Step 4

Proceed Bidding, and you can watch LIVE bidding result

Step 04 * Click image enlage

Once our specialist technician checked all the phone's conditions, will open bidding for dealer (usually open 6 hours bidding time for dealer). At the same time, you can login your account, click “View Bidding”, then you can on Live to see your phone final result till the end of bidding.

Step 5

Get extra paid

Step 05 * Click image enlage

LaLaSell promises to transfer the payment to you within 24 hours after ended of bidding. At the last bidding price after the live bidding you watched, that is the amount you actually get, and LaLaSell didn't charge you any single cent, 100% FREE of charge.

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