About us

By taking account of environmental protection as the primary business goal, LaLaSell is an O2O platform dedicated to recycling and trading of used electronic digital (3C) products through establishment of a comprehensive recycling and trading system. Adhering to our business philosophy of trustworthy, swiftly, environmental friendly and professionalism, we strive to become a reliable major key player on online trading platform in the region.

Currently we are reclaiming used smartphone of various brand names such as Apple, Samsung, Asus, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiao Mi, Lenovo, Sony etc. Users can utilize user-friendly reclaim and trading system at our website to complete the entire trading process, hence, cashing out your idle 3C products in an instance.

Our business philosophy

Mission: To revive the value of reclaim 3C product to its maximum.
Vision: To become the most innovative and professional 3C product reclaim platform in Southeast Asia region.

Our promises:

The main principle of LaLaSell recovery is based upon the maximization of user benefits through effective and strictly reclaim smartphones evaluation and inspection system. It is our aim that users will enjoy the greatest and impartial benefit from their used smartphones.

In order to safeguard users’ privacy, we will guide them on how to reset their smartphone to factory default, erasing all the data stored in the device totally.

We are commit to provide excellent after sale service for buyers who have bought these high qualities reclaimed smartphone from us. Therefore, you may buy from us without hesitation. In addition, we have a team of professional technician who are ready to render their service to solve all your smartphone technical problems if it arises.

Our Business

On-line smart phone reclaim program

Users just need to fill up the on-line form with their devices information. The system will automatically evaluate and estimate the current value of the device. On-site collection will be arranged if the price had been agreed upon. After a throughout inspection by our in-house experts, the device will be put to bid among 100 smartphone vendors. It is estimated that the biding process will be completed within 3 to 5 days.

Second hand premium mall

After carefully scrutinize, 80% of the items listed on LaLaSell website are high quality refurbish or used smartphone with fixed price tag. All device sold come with warranty and excellent after sale service.

Smart phone accident insurance

In order to get rid of all worries while using smartphones, we offer to you an inventive idea of Smartphone accident insurance. When you subscribe to our extended period of service warranty for your smartphone, the risk of paying huge sum on repair work is solved, thus saving you precious time and more importantly, peace of mind.

Smartphone accessories trading

Beside screening many values for money used smartphones for you, you can also get the right bargain for its accessories. Introducing Ding Dong – A virtue Smartphone accessories trading website which is also a subsidiary company of LaLaSell.

Steps of Smartphone reclaim

  1. At the reclaim page, select the brand and model of the smartphone which you intended for sale.
  2. Base upon the device actual condition, tick the best statement that describe your smartphone. LaLaSell will feed back to you a quotation for your device.
  3. User will then submit a confirmation order by providing information such as preferred payment method and setting an appointment for onsite collection.
  4. Please wait for our technician to perform onsite inspection, formatting the device to ensure the user’s privacy
  5. The device now will be passed to inhouse maintenance engineer for final inspection. An inspection report will be sent to bidding parties if the device functions properly. The phone will be packaged for delivery to the winning bidder.
    1. In case of no winning bidder, you will be offered to sign up a consignment program to allow vendor to put your device on sale. The consignment period usually takes 2 to 3 months before you receive the payment. If you agreed to proceed, we will assign it to the most suitable vendor, your device will also be listed for sale at LaLaSell website concurrently.
    2. If you choose not to commit into the consignment program, we will send back the device together with the inspection report to you free of charge.
  6. You will receive your payment once we confirm the payment from the winning bidder. We hope the duration for the entire reclaim process to be completed within 3 to 5 days.

High Price

With more than 150+ phone shops bidding.


Easy, Save time, & convenient transaction.


Reliable recycling, we assured the job.

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